Ford Foundation



Originally opened in 1967 the Ford Foundation is truly a unique building deserving New York City landmark status in 1997. A centrally located serene full building height atrium is capped by the skylight system spanning the footprint of the building. Beletz Bros. Glass performed a complete restoration of the existing skylight system including removal and cleaning/replacement of all gaskets, pressure plates, beauty caps, frames and glass.

Adjacent to the atrium is a loggia garden area exhibiting a glass wall with sloped glass tying back to the structure above. Beletz Bros. Glass re-glazed the sloped glass area above and undertook the task of renovating the glass wall to be fully power operated fire smoke purge windows. Each opening includes a subframe, window and power operator all finished to match the existing corten steel that remains a cornerstone design element at Ford Foundation.

The exterior and interior are primarily framed in corten steel with brass accents both dating back 60 years. As aesthetic continuity became the driving force behind the renovation designs, new custom Center Hung and Balance doors and openings were fabricated to blend in with the existing framing, including hand artistry finishing techniques to achieve a balance of modern design with historical relevance.

This building is now home to a mixture of refinished existing corten steel and brass to match newly fabricated components of these same materials finished to create a seamless blend.

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